How do I get started?

You may download the food vendor or retail vendor application to apply for space at one of our events by clicking FOOD or RETAIL.  Return the application with all of the requested information as soon as possible so that your company can be considered equally among all applicants.  The P40 Network begins assigning vendors to events in March.  If you are applying after March you might be denied due to space constraints or menu/item duplication.

The P40 Network generally only accepts vendors with experience.  References from major event production companies, or similar venues, are usually required.  Exceptions from this requirement are occasionally granted.  The standard tent size is 10' x 10' for retail and for food, but we can accommodate almost any size operation. Commercial trailers, including carnival and marquee styles, are generally accepted except for the Cultural Cook-Off.  Trailer exceptions will be made for other festivals only after notification and review of special circumstances (i.e. Weight, Dimensions, etc.).

How much does it cost?

Costs depend on the duration of the event (from 4 hours up to 3 days), expected attendance (from 1,000 to 250,000), size of operation (from pushcart to 20' x 20') and products offered for sale.  Upon acceptance, fees start as low as 250.00 for retail and $125.00 plus 10% of sales after taxes for food.  Click here for VENDOR FEES

How many vendors will attend each event?

Exact figures vary for each event depending on attendance.  We do not over sell the event, and try to give each vendor every opportunity to be successful.

How many guest will attend each event?

Attendance estimates are given on the application and are based on previous year's attendance records.

How do I apply?

Fill out the application completely and our Sponsorship Committee will select the vendors based on quality and variety of products, site appearance, past experience and originality.

Do I have to sign a contract?

An officer of your company must sign a standard lease agreement with the City of Chesapeake.  This lease agreement protects each of us from any legal circumstances that may arise from your company's participation.  The lease agreement is mailed to each vendor approximately eight weeks prior to the event and is due upon receipt to The P40 Network prior to the event.  Payment is due with the lease agreement.

Do I need insurance?

Every vendor must carry liability insurance with minimum policy limits of $1,000,000.00 for damage to property.  Insurance must include products liability.  Upon acceptance into an event, the City of Chesapeake, Professionals Under Forty Network, LLC., their agents, volunteers, officers and employees must be named as additional insurers.  A valid certificate of insurance is due with the lease agreement to The P40 Network.

What permits do I need?

Upon acceptance into an event, every vendor needs a license to do business in the City of Chesapeake.  Contact the Commissioner of Revenue at 757-382-6738 for more information regarding a business license and tax payments.  Upon acceptance, every food vendor must have a temporary food permit on file with the Chesapeake Health Department.  Contact the Chesapeake Health Dept. at 757-382-8672 for more information regarding a temporary food permit.  Participation in any event is contingent upon meeting the requirements of these two City of Chesapeake departments.

Does the p40 network have ice available?

Currently, the P40 Network does not have ice available for purchase but you can bring ice with you, if you'd like. Park power limits make it impractical for a food vendor to operate an ice machine on-site.

Do any sponsors have exclusive sales rights?

The P40 Network will attempt to secure sponsors in the soft drink and bottled water categories.  The P40 Network reserves the right to secure and offer exclusive rights to sponsors in any other category.  Upon acceptance into an event, you will be notified of our sponsors' exclusive sales rights and you will be required to purchase only these items if you choose to serve them.