How Does What You Wear Speaks For You?

By: Aabron Eturralde


How might others perceive you at first glance?

Do people see you as someone that is competent?

As an attractive potential mate?


Perception is reality.

Have you ever heard that phrase before?

It may have some irony to it but it’s absolutely true. It means that whatever a person’s perception of something or someone is, it’s their reality.

If a good first impression is at stake this is critical. I can’t stress enough that the way a guy dresses will affect others’ perception of him. Here is a prime example:


A few months ago I attended a benefit dinner with my wife at a nice hotel. We arrived a little early and I was standing in the banquet room while my wife was “powdering her nose”. I was simply minding my own business when a member of the hotel staff asked me, “Sir, are the lights dim enough?”. Instead of telling him that I wasn’t in charge, I went with it and answered his question. Jokingly, I told him that the lights should be dimmer. So, he turned the lights down further and went about his business.

For a moment I was a little surprised!

Why did he assume that I was anyone of importance? Or whether I cared if the lights were dim. I was merely standing there!

The answer is simple: I looked like someone important. It was all about how I was dressed. I was wearing a sport coat with a pocket square over a checked pattern dress shirt, slacks, and well polished dress shoes. Just as important, all of it fit properly.

At that moment, I had personal confirmation that dressing sharp really does make a difference in how someone is perceived. The guy working at the hotel probably only saw me for about ten seconds and had already formed an opinion about me.

But let’s imagine this was something that’s really important to you; like an interview at a new company or meeting someone for a first date and making a strong impression.

What does the clothing you wear say about you?

Ever been mistaken as the “man in charge” because you looked the part?

Add a comment below.

I’m always interested in hearing someone else’s story.



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