Be Perfectly Imperfect

by : Quantal Langford


"Everything is in a process of change, nothing endures; we do not seek permanence." — Masatoshi Naito

Life is a wave of daily experiences and perceptions. Everyone goes through their own ups and downs. Some find a way to stay balanced and grounded while managing the peaks and valleys people encounter on a daily basis. Others, meanwhile, drift aimlessly like a boat without a course of direction. All individuals are challenged with the process of discovering their own path to where they want to end up in life. To paraphrase my good friend Dr. Coyte Cooper, "making those gradual impressions" daily to create a life of purpose and vision.

Even now when I'm training with other mixed martial arts fighters and amateur wrestlers, I still find myself in a constant state of learning. Knowing there is always some new technique to learn and apply. There's always something, however minuscule, that will make you better today. 

I tell people that the sport of wrestling is perfectly imperfect. Over the course of a season, you are constantly fighting the highs and lows of a season, to reach a point of destination (state or national championships). Even in matches you are pitting your will against another wrestler, constantly adapting to create the best advantage in a match.

In business, I am consistently learning from other creatives, thought leaders and entrepreneurs. God knows I've had my ups and down, but I wake up daily with the inner knowledge that there's something new to learn and apply, in my businesses, that I run. To see the the invisible; the future vision, that I've put in place in my mind. When your focus is set on a clear vision for your business or career. The successes and losses--be they daily, weekly, monthly or yearly--are just part of the process of change to create the vision you have in place. 

Personally, I'm always meditating and reading daily--contemplating, how do I need to show up this world? Who could I talk to that needs those small words of encouragement, who could I give gratitude to that's influenced and guided me in my life? Who could I forgive if I felt I've been wronged? Who could I mentor and teach to find their own personal or entrepreneurial vision?

So be happy with being perfectly imperfect--whether it be a gradual wave of transformation and discovery about yourself, your relationships, your career, your business, or your spiritual life to reach your own destination.

Quantal Langford is the owner of Langfordesign, a design studio focusing on brand identity and consultation for entrepreneurs, businesses, athletic departments and non-profit organizations.

Quantal Langford

Quantal Langford


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